Farewell BakedBeenz

Farewell BakedBeenz

Today we are saying farewell to BakedBeenz “Oliver” who has been a prominent member of our Social Media Team. Oliver joined Athletico in November last year and he was a great help over one of our busiest periods in Esports yet. This is what Oliver had to say about his time at Athletico:

“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Athletico, It was an amazing time and the most fun I’ve had in Esports to date, meeting talented people and players that are in Athletico, I want to say thank you to Mangy, Xpl0sions, Sweetloaf, Miggie & vizzN for including me in the Athletico Family, and wish them all the best with their future endeavours. This won’t be the last of my involvement within esports…”

In a reflection of Oliver’s time at Athletico, Social Media Manager, vizzN “Jake”, had the following to say:

“I would like to personally thank Oliver for his commitment to the organisation and wish him the very best with his future endeavours. Oliver was at the forefront of our social media during my vacation last year in the United States, he is very hardworking and deserves any available opportunities in the Esports industry”.

Thank you and best of luck in 2019!