SMITE World Championship

SMITE World Championship

The SMITE world championship was held at Hi-Rez Studios in Atlanta, Georgia where the Athletico SMITE was head after having a clean and dominate qualifiers in the SGS Qualifiers.


The first game we go up against Counter Logic Gaming to where in game one we had a rocky start but later pulled back but not enough in game 2, getting taken down by Counter Logic Gaming 0-2 and moving us to the loser bracket.

We now go up against Armada to where we had to bring out the team mascot Sharks, midway through the game Armada push us well into our base but we were not out of the fight yet we defend our titan and keep the game going, we manage to push them all the way back to their base and team wipe them and secure the win not only for Athletico SMITE but securing the win as the first Oceanic team ever to secure a win at a SMITE Lan, but we could not duplicate the win we had on game two and fall to Armada which ends our adventure at the World Championship at Hi-Rez Studios.

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